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  • Reach Millions of Viewers via Your TV Channels

    Reach a Global Audience of over 150 million captive viewers.

  • Low to Zero Competition

    Connected TV is virtually Competition-Free. Unlike YouTube!

  • Your Audience will Love you for it!

    TV makes it easy for your Audience to consume your content.

  • TV Channels Tailored to Your Brand ID

    Looking for something bespoke? allow us to create it for you.

  • Share your TV Channels Worldwide

    You'll be on TV worldwide, expanding your reach globally.

  • Educate - Inspire - Entertain 

    Whatever your preference, TV is the perfect medium.

We'll Launch Your Global TV Channels - Tailored For Your Brand.



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Connected TV Now Has More Viewers Than Cable TV and Growing!

319 Million TV Viewers*

*319 Million Smart TV's Forecast by 2020 Source: Digital TV Research

 SharkDog TV will Publish YOU - Globally!
On the following TV Platforms - Worldwide!

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Amazon TV.

35.8 Million Viewers


Source: eMarketer July 2017

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38.2 Million Viewers


Source: eMarketer July 2017

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Apple TV.

21.3 Million Viewers


Source: eMarketer July 2017

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Chromecast TV.

36.9 Million Viewers


Source: eMarketer July 2017


Because TV is Everywhere!

Discover why TV is so brilliant at creating success for brands, both overnight and over the long-term.

Who Needs Millions of Viewers?

  • Do you want to get more done in less time, finally allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy life?
  • Do you want to finally build your business around your life and not the other way around, so that you can take off whenever you want and be able to do it with financial freedom?
  • Do you want to make more money this year and finally get out of debt and have a bunch of fun and create a lot of value in your life and the lives of others around the world?

You Need This TV Channel Opportunity!

  • Authors



  • Entrepreneurs



  • Celebrities



  • Speakers



  • Coaches/Consultants



  • Influencers



Want to Make A Bigger Impact?

  • Charities



  • Sports Associations



  • Community Groups



  • Businesses



  • Content Creators



  • YouTubers




Together, we're invested!


Reasons Your Brand Must
Get on TV

Here’s why we believe Digital TV is an unbeatable medium and a force to be reckoned with…

TV is Essential for Your Long-Term Success!

  • Despite public perception, on average, we watch 3 hours, 23 minutes of TV every single day, which is only 15 mins less than 10 years ago!

  • TV continues to have scale and reach like no other media. It's by far the most popular medium across all age groups, reaching 90% of the population in a week!

  • TV is vital for long-term success. Building recognition, loyalty and most importantly - trust, which accumulates over time, for much longer than any other media!

  • TV is regarded as prime and trusted advertising real estate. TV is the perfect platform for making brands famous and becoming household names!

  • TV remains the best vehicle for communicating emotion. With creative effectiveness at the heart of memorable TV ads, TV is the perfect brand platform for building brands.

  • TV Advertising is very effective, but on a Local, Regional, National or Global basis, its also very expensive!

    BUT WAIT...

    With your own TV Channel, Your TV Advertising is virtually FREE!

    Is there any better Advertisement for Your Brand, than Your Very Own TV Channel?

TV Will Get You Results!
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With Your Own TV Channel, You Can Build a Gigantic Audience of Raving Fans. Who Will Immediately See You As a Trusted Authority


TV gives you the ability to get your business and Brand in front of an absolutely gigantic audience – literally tens of millions of people that your competition is missing out on, so you no longer need to pay through the nose for overpriced Brand building campaigns ever again!

Instead, you're simply accelerating ahead of your competition and going to a place where your best prospects can automatically find You, Your Brand and Your Content.

And by the nature of SharkDog's unique TV Channel Creation Process, your business and Brand will immediately be seen as a trusted authority in your market, which means it’s a whole lot easier to expand your global reach, share your message, grow your audience, sign up new prospects and make sales.

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What's all the excitement about?

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"Over-the-top" media services

Experts say that within the next five years, viewership hours of streaming over-the-top (OTT) content will surpass those of traditional broadcast TV. So now that the market is open, everyone wants a piece of it. No one wants to miss out on not having their TV Channel on the home screen of a popular TV service. And that’s why over-the-top is the sexiest term in entertainment right now.

OTT stands for “over-the-top,” the term used for the delivery of film and TV content via the internet. Previously, you were required to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service in order to watch your favourite series and movies on your TV set-top box at home.

But with the increase of broadband speeds, companies like Roku, Apple, Google and Amazon have changed the way we consume our entertainment. We can now watch whatever we want, whenever we want. Netflix made it clear that a successful video service could be delivered ‘over-the-top’ of the public internet, rather than through the expensive, closed networks of broadcasters and telecom providers. With their disruptive business model, Netflix continues to grow is customer base, with 148 million paying subscribers globally in 2018!


What they say about the power of television …
Influential personalities in the world of politics, social advocacy, sports, culture, entertainment and media share their experiences on how television has contributed to their career or to the promotion of their cause.

"I've done a lot of things since I started freelancing over 15 years ago. I've written articles, and created blogs, and gotten profiled, and had my portrait taken, and been on the cover of a major newspaper, and interviewed celebrities, and talked on the radio, and been on TV. 

You know what people care about? That I was on TV. 

If people say, "Oh, what do you do?" Or if they ask me, "Who do you write for?" Or that sort of thing. The only thing people care about is that I was on TV. 

It's like TV is God, and if you can get approval from God, everyone will think you are Jesus.

The point is that being on TV is great for your career. It's part of why people hire me. It's part of why people pay attention to me. It's part of how I know I am brave."

Susannah Breslin is an investigative journalist and the editor of Forbes Vices.

Ban Ki-moon

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

“Television helps bring the world to people’s lives and living rooms. Through quality programming, television sheds light on global issues and opens windows of understanding on the  struggles and hopes of communities and families everywhere.”

Franz Beckenbauer

Football legend: German player, coach and manager.

“The development that has happened on television recently is amazing! Football and Formula 1 in particular have benefitted from this. Television has actually brought football to where it is today, and that is huge!”

Conchita Wurst

Winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

“The power of television is like every power: It has its good and its bad sides. It can help spreading a wonderful message, an idea, art, news, sports, movies and entertainment. Television is also used for propaganda against ideas, against artists, against minorities. The responsibility of those, who make television, is a huge one. I was a lucky person. I had the opportunity to sing in front of 190 million people and spread a message of love, respect and tolerance. A message that couldn’t have reached so many people without the simple existence of television.”

Felix Baumgartner

Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper.

“People around me tell me that the live broadcast of my mission to the edge of space and of my record-breaking freefall jump from 23 miles above the earth offered a unique and magic moment to millions of people around the world … They say that witnessing live my breaking the speed of sound, protected only by a space suit made it possible for so many people to start believing that it is possible to push  the limits of what one once thought was impossible … That those images allowed children and adults alike to share my dream or to simply start dreaming for themselves … This makes me feel very fortunate …”

“When I was younger I spent a lot of time playing sport and trying to copy the skills I saw famous sportsmen do on TV.  In 2008 my performances in the Olympic Games in Beijing were broadcast to millions of people all over the world. I won three gold medals and broke three world records.  At the 2012 Olympics I defended my titles and set another world record.  Nowadays no matter where I go in the world people know me from watching me run on TV. I hope that my hard work and determination will inspire and mobilise young audiences worldwide to follow their dreams or to simply always aim higher to achieve their goals.”

Usain Bolt is a eleven-time world champion and eight-time Olympic gold medalist.

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